Gluing Machine

We are amongst the leading exporters for the specially designed Gluing Machine.

1. Design Speed 150Mt/Min.
2. Single, double & Triple Glue Machines are respectively suitable for Single, Double & Triple Wall Corrugated Board Production Line.
3. Auto Glue circulating system is provided in the machine for maintaining the proper viscosity of glue.
4. Highly -Precise Glue gap adjustment for uniform glue application over the entire production speed range.
5. Direct drive of the applicator roll for individual speed adjustment and a defined glue application.
6. Glue Applicator Rolls with different engravings for individual production requirements.
7. Glue Rolls are duly engraved and hardchrome plated. With pre-heating rollers for speed up gluing.
8. Up-down adjustment of pressure roll is pneumatically adjusted.
9. Gap between Glue Rollers and Doctor Rollers is controlled by micro adjustment system to transfer finest glue to 2-Ply Board while pasting.
10. Auto Circulating Glue feeding system is applied to avoid Glue depositing.
11. Pre-heating device is standard in the machine to speedup the Glue gelling & create a strong Glue Board.
12. Motorised adjustment is optional for maintaining the gap between Applicator Rolls & Pressure Rolls.
13. Driven by independent geared motor with A.C. Frequency Drive.
14. PLC based Auto Control is optional for micro adjustment of Glue level.

We Manufacture and Exporting Machines as per your special Specifications and Requirements.