Cotton Canvas Conveyor Belts

Quality No. : B/C- 275

Physical Properties :-
I. Fibre. Type : 100% Cotton
II. Fabric Construction : Wrap - 6ply, Weft - 6ply.
III. Type Of Weave : Twill
IV. Fabric Weight (In G.S.M.) : 1250+ 5%
V. Specific Gravity : 1.54
VI. Recommending Safe Operating Temperature.: 80°C
VII. Particle Retention : 5- Microns
VIII. Maximum Temperature Resistance : 120°C

Mechanical Properties:
I. Breaking Strength (In Kgs On - 5 Cms X 20 Cms Revelled Stips.): Wrap-350, Weft-270
II. Bursting Strength : 70
III. Air Permeability Incu.Ft/Sq.Ftsec (Pressure Drop Of Water 1.22) : .035

Chemical Properties :- I. Resistance To Alkalis : Fair
II. Resistance To Acid : Poor
III. Resistance To Solvent : Excellent
Cake Release : Good
Application Areas : Biscuit Industry Fertilizer Dust Collector Bag Stuffs, Drugs Etc.

Wet Filtration : By Using Water Or With Some Suitable Solvent.
Dry Filtration : Reverse Air Jet Or Mechanical Shaking
Note: The Data Given Above Are Indicative Only. Consumers Are, Therefore, Advised To Drive Their Own Confirmation.