Bottle Warming / Cooling Conveyor Machine

This Continuous Spray Conveyor is suitable to reduce the temperature of hot fill drink bottles to 30-36?C or to increase the temperature of cold filling carbonic drinks to 36-40?C. Its working process is divided into three stages. First stage circulates hot water spray. Second stage does warm water pre-cooling. And in the third stage it does cold water-cooling. The time in each of the three stages can be regulated as per requirement. The complete structure is made of SS 304 while the conveying belt is made of high temperature resistant polypropylene (CPP).

Technical Specifications

Model No. BW 3000 BW 6000 BW 10000
Capacity 3000-4000 BPH 6000-7000 BPH 10,000 BPH
Temperature Outlet 30-3 5?C 30-35?C 30-35?C
Cooling/Warming 10-20 min 10-20 min 10-20 min
Steam Pressure Consumption (kg/hr) 100@0.4 Mpa 150@0.4 Mpa 200@0.4 Mpa
Water consumption/hr 6m3 9m3 14m3
Dimension (mm) 3300 x 1050 x 1710 6600 x 1350 x 1710 11000 x 1700 x 1710

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