Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine

Today Shabnam Industries stand one of the best Quality Manufacturer & Exporter of Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine.

With the changing time, new technologies are introduced to make the products for better performance. With close observations, studies and constant research conducted over the past many decades, Wire Nail Making Machines are designed Heavy Duty and finally processed for very swift performance and large output.

Crank type, Panel Pin and Wire Nail Making Machines are designed heavy duty, which are made from superb casting of High grade steel which have longer life to perform with least maintenance cost. Since all moving parts are well protected, its operation thus is very safe for the operator.

Widely accepted and most successful 3 shafts has been adopted, which ensures most swift, efficient and smooth working of the Wire Nail Making Machine. The main crank is directly operated by Electric motor and the side shafts are driven by the four bevel gears which operate the cutting tools.