Wire Band Mesh Conveyor Belt

Articulated Wire Band

articulated wire band

This belt is specially designed for biscuit baking plasts. When biscuits are transferred to baking oven, after getting shape and design from cutting dies, they are very soft and loose and need flar surface for baking. Articulated Wire Band belt has the flattest surface than other belts, so it retains the shape and design of biscuits. Due to its unique design it takes less time for heating and also allow free heat, air, gas circulation. This belt is manufactured from Carbon Steel, S.S.304 etc. Wires of 17, 18, 19, 20 etc. Gauges in different sizes as per customer requirements.

Conveyor Belts

conveyor belts

Conveyor Belts is specially designed for candy, confectionery & chocolate plants. Thick cross rods are bended & locked into each other that provide extra strength & life to belt. With very close pitch and wide coils it provides a flat type surface for hot candies that are transferred from candy making machines on this belt to be carried through cooling chambers. It is largely preferred over other nylon belts as it provides free air circulation. Manufactured from G.I., S.S.304, S.S.316 etc wires. The stock standard width of 100mm, 200mm & 300mm is mostly maintained and other sizes are manufactures as per requirement. This belt also manufactured with roller chain attached on the edges.

Standard Specifications :
1. 84 x 16 : 16 x 10,
2. 84 x 16 : 16 x 12 and other specification belt as per requirement.

BC - 6 Conveyor Belts

bc - 6 conveyor belts

This belt type has longer life. Roller chains are attached at both the edges of required type of belt using thick rods, which is inserted at particular distance. Available in different chain pitches like 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 2" etc. Using standard M.S. Chains and also S.S. Chains as per customer specification.

Used by namkeen making plants. paped and other food processing and frying systems etc.