Tungsten Carbide Products & Parts

Cold / Carbide Heading Dies

cold and carbide heading dies

Carbide Heading Dies Header die & tool offers one of the largest, the most knowledgeable carbide heading die departments in the world. We stock a huge quantity of carbide, in-house, thus reducing lead times. We carry numerous grades of carbide for various customer applications. Our capabilities enable us to manufacture extremely small to extremely large id requirements.

Extrusion Dies for Cable Industry

extrusion dies for cable industry

We deal in exporting the specially designed dies and nozzles made in carbide as well as PCD.

Tungsten Carbide Heading Dies

tungsten carbide heading dies

Tungsten Carbide Heading Dies We deal in exporting specially designed tungsten carbide heading dies. These carbide heading dies are manufactured to customer drawing. Carbide is procured from renowned companies. Latest software's are used for manufacturing of carbide dies. Dies of all shapes and sizes are manufactured with equal expertise.

Flat Thread Rolling Dies

flat thread rolling dies

We deal in exporting specially designed flat thread rolling dies. These dies are made of d2 material. Ground finish, the dies are made to standards for machine screws only.

Trimming Dies

trimming dies manufacturers

Trimming Dies HSS trimming dies are made to order as well as are kept in stock for standard sizes. Trimming dies are manufactured on presses to give better quality and life. These can be supplied in PVD coated condition also.

Segmented Carbide Hex Dies/Inserts

segmented carbide hex dies

Segmented carbide inserts are manufactured to customers' drawing. Hex form is fine polished to give optimum results and life.

Carbide Lined Collete & Guide Bushes

carbide lined collete & guide bushes

We deal in exporting specially designed carbide lined collete and guide bushes for traubs, sliding heads and other swiss machines.

Tube and Bar Drawing Dies

tube and bar drawing dies

We deal in exporting tube drawing dies & mandrels for all materials, bar drawing dies.

Tungsten Carbide Section Dies

tungsten carbide section dies

We deal in specially designed tungsten carbide section dies with square, hex, rectangular, strips and other special sections.

Tungsten Carbide & PCD Wire Drawing Dies

tungsten carbide and pcd wire drawing dies

We deal in exporting specially designed tungsten carbide & PCD wire drawing dies for all material like M. S, S. S, copper, aluminum and alloys.

Tungsten Carbide Compacting Die

tungsten carbide campacting dies

Tungsten Carbide Compacting Die for Cable Industry We deal in exporting the specially designed carbide dies to compact and bunch the wires.

Steel Heading Inserts / Punches

steel heading punches manufacturers

Header die & tool has the capability to turn steel die inserts and punches with exact consistency of dimensions, from small quantities to large multiple quantities. Our ability to produce inserts with either raised or indented id markings is extensive due to our hobbing and engraving capabilities. Our steel turning capability allows us to produce inserts, punches, punch and die casings and any type of turned steel part.

Carbide Products

carbide products manufacturers

Carbide Products We offer a large in-house inventory of carbide. We stock many different grades for our customers' requirements which allows us to shorten lead times and deliveries. We have the ability to produce complete tool assemblies rather than inserts only. This typically yields longer tool life. Finished dies are supplied at production dimensions. We offers the extrude-hone procedure on many carbide dies which have difficult to finish ids. This produces the highest finish available. We can offer answers to your carbide tooling problems. Our management and production team members have extensive heading tooling and cold forming experience. This can help solve your tooling problems. we work very closely with our skilled toolmakers to find better, more efficient means to produce your tooling requirements. This can lower your overall tooling costs.

Steel Products

steel carbide products exporters

We carry a full line of tool steels, in house. This shortens lead times and deliveries. We carry steel nibs in d2, m2, and m42 which are heat-treated and have rough id's. This shortens lead times and deliveries. We have extensive cold hobbing capabilities. We can create customer name, part id, or grade markings in steel punch inserts. This creates a stronger, longer lasting and better polished finish than conventionally machined tooling. We offer complete CNC engraving to produce company logos, part id, or grade markings on any of your steel tooling. Ask us about any of your id requirements In addition to small quantity steel turning, we have a large capacity for cnc lathe turning. We can produce production type quantities of turned product. This allows the customer to use one source for all quantity requirements of steel turning. We also have large diameter cnc turning capacity. We can produce any type of heading die casing or turned product requirement. We have extensive manual and cnc milling capacity. We have the capability to produce a wide range of milling requirements.