Automatic Filling / Capping Lines For Glass Bottles

Automatic Filling / Capping Lines For Glass Bottles are suitable to automatically seal twist-off Lug Caps on glass bottles. The machine is a state-of-the-art sealing machine incorporating steam spray exhausting, mechanical sealing and water spraying thus ensuring perfect vacuum sealing of bottle. The machine is PLC controlled, GMP model.

Technical Specifications

Model No. CS9
Capacity 60 - 75 B/min
Closure Types Three twist cover, Four twist cover, Six twist cover & Pressing twist cover
Cap/Jar Diameter 30-90mm
Bottle/Jar Diameter 30-100mm
Bottle/Height 65-260mm
Motor Power 3.12kw
Steam Consumption 180-230kg/h
Steam Pressure 0.4MPa
Max. Vacuum Degree 67kPa (502mmHg)
Weight 1100kg
Outer Dimension 3000x1100x2000mm

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