Automatic Monoblock Rinser

FAB Series Automatic Monobloc Rinser filling / Filler / Capper (for Hot Fill Juice / Water) FAB series monobloc bottling machine is designed for hot filling of juices / water. The advanced micro-negative filling ensures accurate brim filling. It encorporates special designed hot filling valves which can easily be cleaned (CIP). The machine is controlled through touch screen PLC which controls the entire operation such as "No-Bottle-No-Cap". Also the inbuilt temperature sensing ensures that the beverage is not filled below the set Filling temperature. Automatic flow control valves ensure that the excess beverage flows back to overflow holding tank. The model can also be adopted for filling.

Technical Specifications:

Model FAB-H 12-12-4 FAB-H 16 -16-5 FAB-H 18-18-6 FAB-H 24-24-8
Capacity (b/hr) 3000 5000 8000 12000
Rinsing heads 12 16 18 24
Filling heads 12 16 18 24
Capping heads 4 5 6 8
Bottle dia 50-90
Bottle height (mm) 150-320
Power (kw) 3.13 3.84 4.1 5.6
Dimensions (mm) 2250x1640x2100 2430x1800x2100 3050x2060x2100 4050x2300x2100
Weight (kg) 2500 3000 4000 5000

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