Fully Automatic Strip Packing Machine

Shabnam Industries is a leading Manufacturers & Exporters of Strip Packing Machine & Fully Automatic Strip Packing Machine. Our product range also comprises of Biomass Fuel Briquetting Plant, Paper Corrugating Machine and Corrugated Cardboard & Box Making Unit.

We are engaged in offering Fully Automatic Strip Packing Machines to our esteemed suppliers from so many years. Strip Packing machine finds its application in Pharmaceutical Industry, Confectionery Items, etc.

1. Leak proof and air tight sealing.
2. Interchangeable parts.
3. Batch printing device
4. Printing for Batch no., Retail price, Date of manufacturing and expiry etc.
5. Most hygienic, economical & vibration less.
6. Adjustable cutting
7. Trouble free performance and easy operation, requires only one operator.
8. Ideal packing for tablets (coated/uncoated), capsules.

We Manufacture and Exporting Machines as per your special Specifications and Requirements.