4 Tracks Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machines

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of High Speed 4 Tracks Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machines. Our product range also comprises of Biomass Fuel Briquetting Plant, Paper Corrugating Machine and Corrugated Cardboard & Box Making Unit.

This series of machines is equipped with Four Track Cams to produce various types of fabrics by selection of needles & cams such as single pique, double pique, Popcorn & Hearing bone etc. The centre stitch system is also introduced in this model to reduce the set up time for fabric sampling on different yarns with different gsm. To enhance the performance of the machine, additional conversion can also be used in the machines so that the customer get the full benefit.

These machines are available in different Gauge & Diameters. Basic range of these machines is as following:
Diameter : 18" - 40"
Guage : 18 - 28
Feeder : 3 per Diameter Inch

We Manufacture and Exporting Machines as per your special Specifications and Requirements.