Automatic Filling Machine

Creating a niche of Automatic Filling Machine & Capping Lines for Glass Bottles such as Automatic Piston Filler, Automatic Filling / Capping Lines For Glass Bottles, Bottle Warming / Cooling Conveyor and Aseptic Brickpack Packaging Lines at its best, with utmost quality.

For High Viscosity Liquid
This piston filler is suitable for a wide range of products such as tomato or chilli sauce, jam, chutney, thick paste, granular beverages (e.g. orange particles). The PLC controlled machine automatically controls processes such as material mixing system, three point liquid level control, frequency control, bottle inlet and outlet, speed control and available bottle filling control. With its stable running and accurate filling, this machine can work for cool filling and hot filling. It is made of high quality stainless steel with beautiful appearance and meets the food sanitation requirement.

Technical Specifications

Model No. CS-12 CS-13
Capacity 60-150B/min (According to Filling Volume) 60-170B/min (According to Filling Volume)
Filling Heads 12 18
Bottle Diameter 50-80mm 50-80mm
Bottle Height 50-200mm 140-290mm
Filling Volume 100-500ml 200-1000ml
Total Power 2.24kw 3.74kw
Facility Weight 1500kg 2000kg
Outer Dimension 1350x1400x2200mm 1600x1700x2400mm

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