Plywood Four Roller Glue Spreader Machine

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Plywood Machines & Plywood Four Roller Glue Spreader Machine. Our product range also comprises of Biomass Fuel Briquetting Plant, Paper Corrugating Machine and Corrugated Cardboard & Box Making Unit.

Wea re manufacture & exporter of Plywood Four Roller Glue Spreader Machine. These are ideal for use in different plywood industries and are easy to operate and fitted with fours rollers. Glue Spreader for Decorative and shuttering plywood. There are much saving of glue. This machine is a heavy duty and fitted with pneuprine rubber rollers. The spreading is very evenly done and no horizontal lines occurred. The special thicker and excellent rubber roller is used which gives good wear-resistance and anti-rust.

We Manufacture and Exporting Machines as per your special Specifications and Requirements.