Oil Spray Machine

The Oil Spray machine is required to apply a thin layer of edible oil on both sides of biscuits for polishing of cracker biscuits.

Design of Oil Spray Machine:
Biscuits coming out of oven passes through the oil spray machine over a running wire band. Hot vegetable oil is sprayed at the top and bottom of biscuits by a high pressure oil pump which makes "Mist" of oil in the spraying chamber.

Capacity of Oil Spray Machine:
As per the length and width of the ovens ranging from 800mm to 2000mm wide.

Features of Oil Spray Machine:
PLC control with various spraying options, such as nozzle spray, rotating wire brushes, splitting discs, uniform adjustable top / bottom spray between 5% - 10%, with 3 filters, thermostatic oil temperature control.

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