Auto Filling Production Line (500 Series) Machine

We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Auto Filling Production Line & Auto Filling Production Line (500 Series). Our product range also comprises of Biomass Fuel Briquetting Plant, Paper Corrugating Machine and Corrugated Cardboard & Box Making Unit.

We are manufacturer & exporter of Auto Filling Production Line (500 Series). Automatic Filling Production Line is designed to fill liquids of different viscosity ranging from cosmetics (shampoo, cream, lotions) lubricants and viscous food products (honey, paste, puree, sauces, jams etc) pharmaceutical cream and specialty applications.

BPM 500 series fillers conform to GMP standards are easy to maintain & clean and are PLC controlled. These can be equipped with Features like "no-bottle-no-fill" and diving nozzle for foaming liquids.

Auto Filling Production Line (500 Series)

GC-P Piston Filler
Automatic filling lines adopts pneumatic volumetric piston dosing filling principle. The bottle enters the line, changes its orientation gets filled and capped before coming out of the line. All these functions are controlled by PLC, and conform to GMP. This machine is suitable for filling products of high viscosity such as medicine, lubricants, cosmetics like shampoo, cream, oil etc.

GC-G Gravy Filler
GC-G Gravy Filler adopts gravity filler technology and is suitable to fill free flowing liquids like coolant, pesticides, chemicals, juices, squash, syrup etc. The filling volume is regulated by controlling the amount of time required to fill a bottle. The product flows at a constant rate through a standard sized tube into the container.