Aseptic Brickpack Packaging Lines

Aseptic Brickpack Packaging Lines are suitable to fill sterilized juice in multilayer brick-pack carton.

1. It performs integrated operations from carton formation, carton sterilization, juice filling, top sealing, cap application and batch number embossing and cooling.
2. The complete machine is housed in stainless steel structure and is PLC controlled.
3. Adjustable production speed, filling volume from 250-1000ml.
4. Incorporates state-of-the-art controls such as "no-box-no-fill", Hydrogen-peroxide spraying, constant liquid level controller, CIP systems for the filling head.

Technical Specifications

Filling volume BW 3000
Speed 3000-4000 BPH
Electrical consumption 30-3 5?C
Air consumption 10-20 min
Cooling water 100@0.4 Mpa
Filling temperature 6m3
Product shelf life 3300 x 1050 x 1710

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