Flash Dryer Machine

Flash Dryer is used to reduce moisture content from 25 % to 10 % which is suitable for briquetting. With the help of furnace, heat is henerated for drying the material. By screw conveyor, raw material is transported in to pneumatic conveyline in the presence of the hot air. Dried material is collected by cyclone.

Flash drying is a pre-process to densification much like grinding. Flash dryer is used for suspension drying of powdery, ground or granulated material such as saw dust, coir pith and Bagasse pith which are usually materials with moisture content of 35% of less. We also have flash drying technology available for drying of wet materials such as press mud, Bagasse (sugar cane stalk), distillery dry grain soluble (ddgs), spent wash and saw dust etc having moisture contents up to 60%. For that purpose, concentric column turbo dryer (CTD) is used.

Our basic turbo dryer system consists of Screw Conveyor, Feeding Hopper, Vane Guide, Conveying line including insulated drying column and conveyor through which wet or moist material is transported in the presence of hot air to the cyclone. A powerful low pressure centrifugal fan assures sufficient resilience time for complete removal of excess moisture. Material is discharged through cyclone by means of a Rotary Air Lock.

The various models available in Flash Dryer are:

Model No. Purpose Power Required
LFD300 Single Pass 4 HP
LFD1200 Double Pass 11 HP
LFD2500 Four Pass 21 HP

We Manufacture and Exporting Machines as per your special Specifications and Requirements.